Panasonic Tv Stand - 6

Advantages of Wall Mounted and Floor Panasonic TV Stand

If you desire to have a great system for entertainment installed in your house, you will normally have many options to select from. The various options often present promising ways of getting great audio and visual experience from your electronics. It’s possible you might have gotten a Panasonic TV and/or other Panasonic electronics and you are looking to choose between a wall mounted Panasonic TV stand or floor Panasonic TV stand.

Wall mounted TV stand

A wall mounted TV stand is fixed to a wall. Some could be designed to look like a normal standing TV monitor while others are designed to look like a shelf. There is also the option where the TV will be slotted in a designated place in the wall mounted TV stand.

Floor TV stand

The floor TV stand is different from the wall mounted TV stand as it is normally placed on the ground. Most people are already very much familiar with this type of TV stand as it is the most common type as the wall mounted TV stand is just becoming popular with the increasing popularity of flat screen televisions. It is still widely used in homes and TV show rooms.

Advantages of wall mounted TV stand over floor TV stand

The major advantage of the wall mounted Panasonic TV stand or the floor TV stand is the fact that they are very stylish. They give a minimal, sleek and contemporary look that is perfect for the home. Furthermore, the wall mounted TV stand gives your room more space compared to the floor TV stand.

Advantages of Floor TV Stand

The floor TV stand gives you the opportunity to either give your room a traditional look or contemporary look depending on your preference. This is opposed to the wall mounted that mostly gives a contemporary look. There is also lower risk of damaging your Panasonic TV or other electronic as they could slip off from a wall mounted TV stand, if it was not strong enough or properly fixed. The floor TV stand is generally easier to set up as you can arrange them yourself.


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