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Small Corner Tv Stand small corner tv cabinet - best interior paint brand check more at http:// bdpofru

Care instructions for big or Small Glass TV Stand

Glass furniture in home decorations add a lot of sophistication and class. They can be used in wide variety from modern to traditional look in the décor. However their care is equally important to keep them shiny, clean and polished.

Life of glass furniture can only be increased if used with upmost care. Glass is prone to damages like stains and scratches following tips will help to keep them clean and increase their longevity. Use following tips for care of glass TV stands –

  • Avoid placing heavy stuffs on glass stands. Though now even Small Glass TV Stand come in very strong forms, but glass being glass is prone to crack and break.
  • Cleanliness – glass is used for its shine but that comes its transparency. This makes it very important to clean it every day. Even minute dust, fingerprints or steaks appear to be amplified and seen. Water with little vinegar or window cleansing solutions can be used to preserve their natural shine. Combination of baby shampoo and water can also be used to keep it shining. Use of spray available in market can also be done.
  • Be gentle. While keeping things on the TV stand like keys or pen, etc. make sure you keep them softly. These things have sharp edges and can scratch your glass easily.
  • Scratch proof-In case you are thinking of using them to display sculptures make sure you use something below it. Uses of attractive coasters or something made by crochet can be used. These will prevent scratches to the glass.
  • Other things need to remember
  • Also when used sculpture or antique display on Small Glass TV Stand, make sure the edge of these are not very sharp or prefer ones with rounded edges, if don’t want to use coaster or crochets.
  • While cleaning make sure you don’t wear accessories like rings or bracelets, as these can scratch the glass.
  • It is advisable to use Small Glass TV Stand in corner if possible. It is likely in hurry anyone may bang with it. This can damage your stand.



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