Media Tv Stand stolp media 60 mkvhccr
Media Tv Stand stolp media 60 mkvhccr

Creative ways to design Media TV Stand

Design of TV these days have become vry sleek and compatible. However, at times we still find it difficult to design area around them. Here in this article we illustrate few décor ideas around the Media TV Stand.

  1. Matching bookcases or hutch as a wall unit –

This will allow display of favorite accessories as well as provide extra storage making look more cohesive.

  1. Add chest or media console for creativity –

Opt for to Media TV Stand that are different in styles and look great with your furniture. Add lights to cabinets to make them attractive.

  • Soften your transitions – placing it between windows softens the transitions from window/wall and tv. Color scheme that are interesting can be used.
  • Adding accessories – hydrangeas work with rustic box or lamps can be used around TV. This makes it more cozy and inviting for guests.
  • Gallery wall creation – photo frames or art works can be displayed around TV. These can be fun transitions. Also at times we fall lack of space for placing artworks around wall, in such cases placing them just around TV can be interesting and refreshing.
  • Shelves – adding shelves with stained woods or frosted glass can be refreshing. These will help in increasing storage capacities.
  • Frames – just buy a painting frame bigger than you TV size and place your TV in it. Keep the color of frame similar to edge of your TV. This will create vintage look for your living room.
  1. Closed behind doors –

If you are not a fan of TV you can hide them by barn door. These are trend making furniture in the market and make statements in house.

  1. Over the fireplace –

If your room layout allows you can put your TV over the fireplace. It will allow you to combine two different focal points together.

  • Plain sight – when your fireplace is little extended on wall like say the entire patch is in different color than the room, you can simply place you TV over it.
  1. In- built

When you don’t want many focal points in role you can go for Media TV Stand that are in built in your wall furniture. These might be a little expensive but they are definitely worth every penny you invest in.


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