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Desk Com vs. Laptop


Desk com is a computer that is personalized in use due to its power requirements and size it is designed to be used near or on a desk or table while a laptop is a portable computer. The desk computer has power supply, CPU storage system, memory and graphic adapters which are connected together by a mother board inside the case. It also has an output display which is a monitor while the input system entails the mouse and the keyboard which are used to feed in the information to the monitor.

  1. Safety. Desk top computers are safer compared to laptops. Since laptops are lighter as compared to the desk top they can be moved from one place to another. This makes them more prone to damages which can result to loss of information while the desk top are more bulky to carry hence minimizing the risk of data loss since they are fixed in one place.
  2. Information storage. A desk com can store many things especially on personal information. The memory of a computer is big compared to that of the laptop and hence it becomes safer for storage of bulky information.
  3. Over heat problem Laptops may get overheated due to excessive use as they are small in size compared to desk top computers which are larger and can get cool faster due to more air circulation. This overheating can make the laptop crush very easily.
  4. Can be stole–Laptops have a high risk of getting stolen as they are portable compared to the desk computer which is bulky and if found in the house, thieves may not be in a position of running away with it as a times it can permanently be fixed to its desk.

When purchasing a desk com it is advisable to buy from a recognized and safe source for example, the computer dealership. This is due to the fact that if your computer develops some technical problems you can have it fixed as most of them have warranty. It is also good to put into consideration factors like the speed, reliability and the storage of the computer before purchasing.



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