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Enhance your Kitchen space with a Round Breakfast Table

A round breakfast table can serve multiple tasks, it can be placed in one corner of the kitchen to serve as breakfast table as well as to have dinner. Get one of manufactured wood which is lasting and can help you in many functions. You can enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning while you look through the newspaper.

Get a Round Breakfast Table with a Pedestal Base

This table of solid wood with its pedestal base and round top can be a beautiful addition to the home furniture. This can provide your kitchen with a cosy cottage atmosphere. Its dark cherry brown colour can match any room décor. It can be used to hold a vase of gladiolas.

The pedestal is strong enough to hold the dinner dishes and the round table top with beveled edges is ideal for displaying fine china. The pedestal is 30” thick with four beautifully carved legs.

A Round Table of Solid Wood which can enhance your Living Room

It is constructed from American walnut and has a walnut finish. It is made of solid wood and will give lasting service for many years. Since it is placed just outside your kitchen the family can enjoy breakfast on this table.

This table can also be used to cut your vegetables to prepare the meals. When friends drop on a visit you can serve them a cup of tea and chat with them while you carry on your household work.

The Benefits of the Round Breakfast Table

As the heart is to the body so is the round breakfast table to the household. It is the household’s social centre where everybody meets before starting the day. It is sometimes the place where card games are held and where special issues are discussed. It is a versatile piece where dinner is also had.

When choosing a round breakfast table you have to first choose the shape and size to fit into the space you have. Most often it is traditional to have a rectangular table for dinner and round table for breakfast but as space helps to make the decision we have to choose the table that best fits into the space.

So if you want to have a round breakfast table choose the one that fits into your space.



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