Mission Tv Stand amish montana mission tv stand with four doors ngvwsaw
Mission Tv Stand amish montana mission tv stand with four doors ngvwsaw

Enhance your Living Room with Mission TV Stand

Mission TV Stand comes with an electric fire place which is ideal for a cool winter evening. It combines home theatre with the added pleasure of a warm fireplace. This simple fireplace can be easily added to any room whether it is a country home in the suburbs or an apartment in the city.

Make your Entertainment Area Comfortable with a Warm Hearth

You can now enjoy watching TV on a cold winter evening with a fireplace to keep you cosy and warm. The console is designed with equipment to take care of surround sound installation, while at the same time providing warmth as well as ambience of a real fireplace without the added cost.

You can create a captivating set-up by switching on the flame that provides realistic look of glowing logs and flame. All this needs is inserting a firebox in the media console and switching it on. It has adjustable shelves and a drawer for channel speaker in the centre.

What makes Mission TV Stand an Innovative Addition to the Home Theatre?

Mission TV stand comes with a fireplace which has realistic looking logs and flame which come on with the click of a button. It is designed with storage space for a wide range of components. Wire management is done with a grommet. The back panels are ventilated and can be removed. It is provided with levellers for centralized leg support.

It comes with a remote control which is functional with a timer. The brightness of the flame and heat can be adjusted. The front is provided with tempered glass. It is designed for front loading with a trim.

Mission TV Stand for Space-Efficiency

It you are looking for a TV stand which is stylish, sturdy and space- efficient then Mission TV stand is the one for you. The Plasma TV and wall entertainment does take up a lot of space but the TV stand comes with lot of storage space.

It is made up of solid oak wood with slat sides. It can hold a panel TV of 42” and the open storage space can accommodate media player and other accessories.

If you are deciding to have a Mission TV stand choose one that is ideal for holding your panel TV.



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