Folding Computer Table stony-edge wooden folding computer desk with pull-out drawer and usb port, zxzpoxg
Folding Computer Table stony-edge wooden folding computer desk with pull-out drawer and usb port, zxzpoxg

Get a Folding Coffee Table to Maximise Space

You can get a coffee table where the width and height can be adjusted according to height of the sofa and the armchair making it a durable and versatile piece of furniture. It is perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea in the evening. It is made from manufactured wood.

A Folding Coffee Table with Adjustable height and Width

It can be used to sit four when closed and six when extended. It is made up of quality MDF with adjustable width. This is a design which is contemporary, intelligent and flexible. It has X shaped legs which are easy to adjust. The wood finish used on this coffee table is beech.

The coffee table is protected against accidental damage and stains which includes dents, chips, water rings, rips and tears.It is not protected against damage due to, abuse, neglect and accumulation and failing to comply with manufacturer’s warranty.

Coffee Table that can be folded like a Briefcase

This is a folding coffee table which can be folded like a briefcase when required most often it is for storage and transportation. Inside the folded table you can carry coasters, games and other essentials. It has hinges which can be locked to prevent the table from collapsing when it is opened.

Each table leg has been tested to support a weight of 75lbs. The locks on the hinges may be easily released by pressing the lock buttons which are of solid brass between thumb and finger. The table can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be used for camping.

A Folding Coffee Table that can be used when entertaining

This is a coffee table that can be used when required specially when entertaining. When folded it is 3” deep and can be kept under the bed or in a closet. It is constructed of hardwood which is solid and will last for many years.

It has a warm cherry finish and steel mechanism for folding. It weighs 40 pounds. The size of the table is less than three feet. It is very convenient for small apartment especially when they want to entertain.

If you like to have a coffee table and do not have much space a folding coffeetable is an ideal solution.



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