Wide Console Table4 nash console table owyevou
Wide Console Table4 nash console table owyevou

Half-moon Console Table is a Cool Design Idea for your hallway

Design styles in console tables are most prominent in the shape and size of the table top. Many people have their reasons why they would go for a particular design in their console table. To some, it is a need for keeping those items that come in their way while in the living room. Many others simply want it for the aesthetic addition or both. What reason do you have in mind when buying a console table?

Console table design options

Console tables have various designs available on the market. This can vary on the basis of the material of design or style of the design. The styles and patterns can be any of the contemporary looks. These are modern designs with a touch of exotic and luxurious finish. You may find designs such as a cabinet look for a console table. A box design, thin design, and symmetric designs set the tone for many homeowners console table. Of all the design styles, the console table top is particularly an aspect that makes that difference.

Console table top is unique in design styles

For every console table design, there is a focal point. In a typical console table, the top and the legs are special aspects of the design. For the leg stands, a curvy and sculptured design is a cool way you can infuse classic design into a modern look.

On the table top, creating a half moon console table top is yet another way you can bring in class to your console table top design. If your console table top is your ideal area for the focal point, then go with a half-moon looking console table top.

Decorating your half-moon console table

You can add the extra look to your half moon console table in different ways. Since the top is your focal point, you can give a minor décor to the top with a flower stand. For this design, the limited space around the top can be complemented with a storage basket underneath the table.


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