Small White Computer Desk new milan small white gloss computer desk - by furniture factor: kitchen u0026 dpxqcpj
Small White Computer Desk new milan small white gloss computer desk - by furniture factor: kitchen u0026 dpxqcpj

How to make your boring small white computer desk interesting?

A small white computer desk can be very boring to look at. Although it is minimal and simple, it doesn’t have to be boring. Interesting decorative items and accessories can be added to the table top to make it fun and quirky. It is vital that the table goes with the room décor well and complement it without looking over the top. White computer desks can be a great base for some DIY projects and can be transformed into a standout furniture item.  Here are a few ideas to make your small white computer desk look phenomenal and interesting:

  1. Paint it!

Paint the small white computer desk an interesting color of your choice, or use multiple colors. Choose colors which complement each other and the room well. Don’t go over the top with it because it will be too much for the eye and look comical. Colors like blues and reds look bold and still harmonious.

  1. Add decorative

A pop of color on the table would balance out the stark white color of the computer desk in case you want to keep the original color of the table. Add flower vase with colorful flowers, interesting desk items like clock, different pen stand. Adding a photo frame with a few photos adds a personal touch while still keeping it simple. The frames can either contain photos or beautiful quotes to motivate you every day. Add a unique lamp which will be useful and add character to your small white computer desk. Make sure the number of accessories are limited to 2-3 as the size constrain would make it look cluttered otherwise.

  1. Monochrome metallic

As a white desk often serves as a base for DIY projects, an interesting project would be spray painting the table a metallic chromatic paint. It can either be mirror finish or not depending on preferences, but this simple one day project would add a lot of life to the table and look modern and chic. Adding a lot of accessories to a chrome table won’t be necessary as the table would be a standout piece while still being simple.


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