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I have 2 Televisions: Wall TV stand or Floor TV furniture stand

Considering the many uses televisions can be used for, the need for having more than one television is increasing. A lot of people now have 2 or more TVs in their living room, bedroom or other rooms in their house. There are also a number of public locations where they have multiple televisions. If you are lost between choosing a wall TV stand or Floor TV furniture stand when you have 2 televisions, here are some hints to guide you.

Wall TV stand

Wall TV stand are used for placing TVs on the wall. They are designed in such a way that they are fitted on the wall and then the TVs are hanged on them. If you have 2 televisions, it is possible to place both of them on a wall TV stand. You will however, need a lot of wall space if you want to do this, especially, if you want to place the television on the same side of your room. If you are however, placing it on 2 different sides of the room, maybe opposite walls or adjacent walls, then it will be easier and probably better to use the wall TV stand.

Floor TV furniture stand

For the floor TV furniture stand, it is best to use it when you want the television to be on the same side of the room. There are floor TV furniture stand that are built in such a way that they can house 2 televisions. The space for both televisions will normally be one on top of the other, with one to stay at the top of the stand, while the other stays in a compartment made for it inside the stand.

Best decisions

If you want your 2 televisions to be on different sides of the room, then you should go for the wall TV stand. Using 2 floor stands for 2 televisions will take a significant part of the room. If they are to be on the same side however, a floor TV furniture stand is recommended.

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