Table Tag gratitude table cards - printable table tag - instant download -  thanksgiving table decor qpexlia
Table Tag gratitude table cards - printable table tag - instant download - thanksgiving table decor qpexlia

Know the Table Tag to use for your web pages

About html and tags

Web pages are written in HTML. HTML is a markup language, that is, hypertext markup language. For every HTML code, an HTML tag is used to enclose the element of the html code. When coding, this is what you should always have at your fingertips. It is just like the first alphabet in a language.  A simple tag in HTML is two angle brackets facing each other with the html element written within the brackets. This is what it looks like: < tag>. They are usually in pairs. They are the opening tag and the closing tags. The closing tag for the above introduces a forward slash before the element. This is what you have – </tag>.

The usefulness of tables in a document

When viewing a web page, you will discover that tables help to keep things in order within the document. Tables are just like diagrams which help you to understand the information displayed better. With a table, you can display more information in a clearer manner for the viewer to grasp better than putting everything a textual paragraph format. How does a simple table tag look like anyway?

A simple table tag defined

A table tag can simply be represented as <table> for the opening tag and </table> for the closing tag. These pairs must go together when coding a table document else you may experience a bad display in your final result as the browser may not be able to give a good compilation of your code to display an accurate result at the end.

For a table tag, you can add other attributes to the table. This will give more formatting to your table design. Tags such as table row (tr), table heading (th), table data (td), table padding and other html table formatting features.

Just like you’ve seen the table rags and how the tags apply to a table above, one can conclude that a table tag just like every other tagis in html is what sets the table right for the web browsers to correctly interpret.


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