Html Table Tags - 5

Know what HTML Table Tags are to a webpage

What HTML is

Web browsers display pages containing different information over the internet. These pages are written in the back end by a markup language called HTML. Html stands for hypertext markup language. The HTML language has been through a series of versions from the initial HTML version to HTML 2.0,  HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01, XHTML and now HTML5.

What a tag is

A tag in HTML is simply an HTML element surrounded by angle brackets. Tags are used to define an HTML statement. An HTML tag is usually in pairs. They are the opening tag and the closing tag. The opening tag is represented as < tagname>. The closing tag is different from the opening tag with a forward slash inserted before the tag name, that is, </ tagname>.

The tag options in table

HTML table tags allow you to represent information in rows and columns format. A table in an HTML begins with the opening table tag which is <table> and ends with </table>. When working on a table in HTML, you specify the table attributes with different table formatting tags. Some of the table tag options you will use often when working on a table are table row, table heading, table padding and other table attributes.

For instance, <tr> defines a table row. <th> defines a table heading and <td> defines a table data.

There is lot more table attributes you may want to add to your table. These all have a tag for implementing the desired result. You can browse through to find a more comprehensive list of different HTML tables if you need to have them for your web page coding.

The importance of HTML tag

To a web browser, HTML tags are important. Html tags are what is required to communicate with the web browser to declare that it is an HTML document. Without an HTML tag, the browser would be left confused on the type of document that is presented. And since web pages are only written with HTML, there would be no web pages without an HTML tag such as html table tags correctly written.


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