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Corner Desk With Drawers bedford corner desk | pottery barn exsdotk

Make your Living Area Comfortable with TV Stand of Wood

When you have a TV stand which is made from quality wood like Cedar it can last for many years. The robust structure can hold all the electronic devices together whether it is media player, video games or audio system. It has five shelves to store the multi- media equipment in an organized manner.

A TV Stand of Cedar Wood for Long Lasting Service

The TV stand of wood has a compact form which gives it easy mobility. It can be easily manoeuvred from one end of the room to the other. The compact design provides ample storage space. It has one exterior shelf and eight interior shelves with comfortable storage solutions. It is constructed from cedar wood with steel hardware.

The total weight it can hold is 200lbs. It is sure to impress with the character -rich details it provides. Panel doors which are raised hide gaming components DVD/CD stacks besides other media paraphernalia. The open space holds the media player. The grommet holds the cords neatly.

A TV Stand that can Leave Your Living Room Clutter free

The TV stand of wood is constructed from solid wood. It has two large doors of tempered glass which are multi paned. This stand is given a white finish. It has three open shelves which can accommodate the media player, video games and audio system. The corner cabinets can hold the DVD/CD stacks and all other small accessories.

In one cabinet you can store your leather bound books away from all dust. The panel behind has holes for the cords. The cord can be neatly arranged to keep the living room clutter free,

A Small TV stand to enhance small Spaces

This stand is made of engineered wood. With 2 doors with sand front to provide a classic look. It has a laminated clipboard and is provided with a white finish. The doors are of MDF and are given a matte finish. The doors cover the storage space.

The doors are designed for pressure opening and have no handles. The shelves to hold the different gadgets are behind the doors. There is cable management and the cables are neatly arranged.

So, if you want to buy a TV stand of wood choose any that you like to place your TV.


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