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Options for column tables

If you have a huge space where you want to seat a large number of people, one of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of column tables. Column tables are usually rectangular tables that are arranged in such a way that there are columns arcades that passes through the middle of the tables. These allows for easy movement within the tables for the individuals who will be using the table. After the individuals are seated, if there is the need for files, drinks or food to be distributed to the individuals, the space will also come in handy for those in charge of the distribution to freely move around without having issues. Here are some options for column tables.

A single table versus a number of tables

If you want to create column tables, you can either opt for a table for each column, such that there is a long rectangular wooden section that goes the length of the column, and then there are a number of such tables in the room. This option is great when it is a permanent location for the table, as the tables could be very heavy and difficult to move around. The other option is using a group of small square or rectangular tables for the rows. In this case, the tables are arranged in a straight line, maybe between 2 to 10 tables for a column and then same repeated for other columns.

Seating arrangement

When it comes to seating arrangement, it is possible to make people seat down on both sides of the column table or on just one side. If they are sitting on just one side, the column table could be arranged horizontally with the chairs facing the stage. If the seating arrangement is both sides, the column tables should be arranged vertically, with the width of the table facing the stage.

Spacing in between the columns

The spacing in between the column is very vital for free movement. In line with this, it is recommended for adequate space to be within the columns. The major determinant of the space is however, the size of the room and the number of people that must seat in the room. A number of space management techniques, like setting such that people seat on both sides of the table can help to save some ample space.

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