Modern Wood Coffee Table modern rustic design reclaimed wood coffee table kwzzrqp
Modern Wood Coffee Table modern rustic design reclaimed wood coffee table kwzzrqp

Points to Consider Before Buying a Modern Coffee Table

There are always a lot to choose from and this makes the decision making process quite challenging. They are alluring, definitely more than one will capture your eyes. That’s just it. You can’t ever be prepared for what you’ll see in the market when it comes to the modern style.

This article highlights some points that will streamline your choices in order to make the decision making process easier and helping you ensure a satisfactory purchase.

Material Build

Modern metallic Coffee Tables

Although they are are very sturdy and unyielding, due to humidity and temperature changes they can collect dust and rust. This can be minimized by constant cleaning.

Modern Wooden Coffee Tables

These are by far the most popular coffee tables. They are light, eco-friendly, and fit into the modern style just fine, they are inexpensive and are very glossy with a proper finish job.

Modern Glass Coffee Tables

Due to its elegant and classy feel, it has grown notoriously in popularity. Glass and the modern style are an artful mix. One particular downside is that once it is broken, it can’t be fixed.

Modern Acrylic Coffee Tables

These combine the classy elegance of glass with the quality and sturdiness of metals. Although very pricey, they are durable.

Stone Coffee Tables

The most regularly used materials are slate and marble. Though it is reflective, there’s pretty much nothing that can be done to salvage a chipped edge. Chipped edges are unsafe, especially with kids around.



A good modern coffee table ranges from 12 – 15 inches in height. Procuring one that’s equal height with your sofa is advisable.


Let the length of your table be approximately two-thirds of your sofa in length. It makes no sense in having table that’s too small or too big for your sofa; it throws your living room into complete disarray.


Best to know the amount you’re willing to spend before rushing off to the market. Purchase a table that falls within your budget. But if you see something you really like, go for it.

These should help you decide what kind of modern coffee table you need though your choice matters the most.



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