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What are some interesting design ideas of TV stand for 55 inch TV you will love having in your décor?

A TV stand for 55 inch TV is a wonderful piece of furniture to set your television and all its accessories like DVD players, gaming consoles and home theatres. The sofa setting can also be arranged much more efficiently this way, and all the furniture can point to the table this way. A TV stand for 55 inch TV is the ideal way to go, and gives a lot of design experimenting options. It is the primary focus of the living room décor and can reflect your personality and tastes well. Here are some interesting design ideas you will love to have in your living room:

Simple and modern

A simple metallic black body TV stand for 55 inch TV is crisp and perfect. A black back support and two or three shelves as per requirements is a perfect budget friendly option. It helps storing all the accessories and the back support helps concealing all the wirings. It looks clean, elegant and very modern and it will go with any wall color or pattern.

Rustic wooden charm

A rustic dark wooden TV stand, with all the cabinets and drawers and storage components. A gray or brown toned wooden stand with intriguing patterns will be perfect for a rustic vibe. This is a contemporary design and decorative X’s on the glass cabinets will add a wonderful charming touch and look interesting.

Transparent acrylic stand

A transparent acrylic stand is the right kind of modern, sleek table design for your living room. It will go with bold colors or pastels and look phenomenal with both. A patterned wallpaper wall will look lovelier. The biggest advantage of a transparent acrylic TV stand for 55 inch TV is that it makes the room look spacious and the accessories and televisions appear to be floating. A vase of bright flowers like roses or orchids on the table will add wonderful pops of color to the TV stand. A long narrow table style is best suited for this design TV stand as the transparency looks better. The sleek television with this sleek TV stand is a wonderful set and looks phenomenal together.


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