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Which are the perfect design recommendations for tables and chairs for every room in the house?

Tables and chairs are basic furniture used in various forms and designs in every room and living areas. Whether it is a dining table in the dining area, study tables and chairs in the study or office, dressing table and chair in the bedroom or a centre table or sofa table in the living room, they are an essential piece of furniture. Various sitting settings can be used and various looks can be experimented and played with in the housing décor. Here are a few design ideas for various areas of your home:

Kid’s bedroom

A study table and chair in the kid’s room is much needed for your growing child. A low wooden table with drawers and small colorful chairs is an ideal design for the children room décor. The bright colored chairs are going to add a pop of color in your child’s room and the plain wooden table is going to balance out the colorful chairs. The colors are perfect for a developing child’s brain and stimulate creative thinking and curious minds.

Master bedroom

A white wooden dressing table and chair in the master bedroom is an essential piece of furniture. The table can have a huge mirror attached with huge filament bulbs added to the side of the mirror for a movie star like setting and perfect lighting for makeup. The table can have storage drawers and a chair to sit on and enjoy skin care, make up and getting ready every day.

Dining table

A glass top dining table with sleek metallic chairs is perfect for a modern décor setting in the dining area. The glass top will make the room appear spacious and a huge vase with red roses is a perfect setting and will look right out of a home décor magazine. The entire setting with a lovely pendant light is vital to bring focus to the table. Wall colors can be experimented with as glass top tables go perfectly with any setting from bold dark colors to soft pastels or even patterned wallpapers.


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