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Why is Low TV Stands for Flat Screens better for us?

TV stand for TV

Can you can think of a castle without having clouds around it? Same goes with having a house and not having a TV in it. According to an independent survey, 96.7 % houses in America have television sets. The viewing height of television is not necessarily be our concern while making the décor around but it still important to have an optimal viewing height. It is said that view eyes should on center on the screen.

What to consider before setting up your TV ?

Placement of TV depends on factors like the size of room, size of TV and distance between low TV stands for flat screens and seating arrangements. While you can do your math for placing TV at height, the optimal height for TV for a normal height arrangement is 42 inches above the ground is typical. Anciently, it was believed to keep a distance of 2.5 times equal to or more than the diagonal length of TV and seating place. However, there are different opinions on this rule. Recently, it is accepted even if the distance between screen and seating area is 1.5 times to diagonal length of TV.


Let us consider you have 60 inch television at home. This makes the TV 32 inch high. Mostly all sofas have a minimum height of 18 inch from the floor and when an adult sits on it in relaxed position, his eye level is at 42 inches from the ground. This when calculated puts the optimal height for placement of TV to be 42 inches from ground. (18 inch + 12 inch). So thus concluding, it can be said that a 60 inch TV can be placed at height of 26 inches from the ground measured from its lower edge.

We have calculated this distance thing for low TV stands for flat screens for you and made a chart for easy understanding by anyone –

Size of TV Optimal viewing distance Distance of floor to TV center
70 inch 127 inch 67 inch
65 inch 118 inch 65 inch
55 inch 100 inch 61 inch
42 inch 76 inch 56 inch


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